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TEA’s mission is to empower all those affected by EM to improve their quality of life.

TEA provides education, awareness, and community through our website, member services program, newsletter, social media presence, and networking programs.

TEA promotes research through relationships with academic researchers, clinicians, and pharmaceutical companies with an interest in EM. TEA also raises funds to support EM research.

About TEA

The Erythromelalgia Association (TEA) is an international, all volunteer, nonprofit organization that provides educational and networking services online and offline, raises awareness of erythromelalgia, and helps fund research into this rare disorder. Founded in 1999, TEA is funded entirely by donations and is a member of the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD). Most functions of the organization are carried out by the volunteer Board of Directors. TEA also has a Medical Advisory Board, a requirement for members of NORD. TEA is proud to have gathered a group of prestigious and dedicated physician researchers to serve as advisors to the organization.

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To help underwrite our programs and services, we rely on contributions from members, grateful patients, their families, concerned individuals, small businesses, and foundations. Through this combined generosity, we are rendering comprehensive information and networking services for our members online and offline that no other agency in the world is providing. Our current membership base extends into 17 countries worldwide. To make a contribution to TEA click on Donate in the menu above.

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Research Support

Helping fund research that will lead to new treatments – and eventually a cure – has been a goal since the founding of TEA in 1999. Medical research is enormously expensive, but TEA has succeeded in helping fund extremely encouraging research being done by scientists at very highly regarded universities. More information on EM research is available – click on Research tab in menu above.

Take TEA’s ‘A Patient’s Guide to Erythromelalgia’ with you to your next doctor visit!!

This publication is a comprehensive resource covering all aspects of the disease: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, daily coping tips and more. It is a very important tool for anyone with EM (and their families and health care providers) to have on hand as they navigate improving their day-to-day lives.

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TEA Board of Directors

Founded in 1999, TEA currently has over 2,000 members residing in 17 countries. TEA was created, and is still operated, by volunteers including our Officers and the members of the Board of Directors.

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TEA News

The TEA In The News section relates to EM, pain treatment, and research that has been published and/or reported by newsworthy sources.