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TEA works to add to and maintain the information contained on this website to educate those with Erythromelalgia symptoms, and their doctors, family and friends.

Member Stories

Everyone with EM has a story to tell. When symptoms first appeared and how long and difficult their journeys were on the road to diagnosis are experiences members often share in their stories. Others are eager to relate how they cope with the symptoms of EM. They relate various regimens and treatments that help them and hope what they do will also help others. TEA encourages members to write their stories and send them in to TEA ([email protected]), where they are placed on this website and published in the newsletter FootSteps.

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Member Directory

Use the TEA Member Directory to find and network with TEA members, who are typically people diagnosed with EM or those who know someone diagnosed with EM.

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TEA Member Art Contest

Suggested in 2012 by researchers studying inherited erythromelalgia at Yale’s Center for Neuroscience and Regeneration Research, TEA’s art contest challenged members to “paint their pain.” TEA board member Deborah Mosarski almost single-handedly organized this contest by creating rules to ensure entrants were given the same guidelines and establishing an all-volunteer, independent panel of judges with art backgrounds. She then collected the artwork for the judges’ panel and tallied the judges’ votes.