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TEA Resources

TEA works to add to and maintain the information contained on this website to educate those with Erythromelalgia symptoms, and their doctors, family, and friends.

Patient Guide

TEA’s A Patient’s Guide to Erythromelalgia was created and published for the first time in Spring 2016. This guide is a comprehensive description of many aspects of the disease, from symptoms and diagnosis to treatment and daily coping tips. It is a unique tool that those with EM (and their families and health care providers) should have at their fingertips as they strive to improve their lives in regard to EM.

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TEA has compiled a list of answers to frequently asked questions regarding EM. The information contained within the FAQs is intended for generalized and educational information only.

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Medical Articles

Explore TEA’s collection of medical articles pertaining to treatment, research, general information, and EM/Raynaud’s.

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Physician Directory

The doctors and researchers listed in the Physician Directory have been suggested by TEA members over time.  TEA does not recommend or endorse any of these doctors or researchers.

Erythromelalgia Surveys

In 2021, The Erythromelalgia Association (TEA) conducted a survey among TEA members and others with eythromelalgia.  More than 680 individuals responded and completed the full survey.

In 2008, TEA  distributed a comprehensive survey to its members, covering questions on symptoms, treatment, and diagnosis among other issues.  Of the approximately 512 surveys that were sent, the survey elicited 346 responses, approximately 67%!