Danni Wortmann

Prior to developing erythromelalgia I enjoyed a busy life raising our children and helping my husband on our farm. We did a little traveling and I enjoyed walking several miles a day. I used to do calligraphy as well. I enjoy swimming and still am able to do this a few times each week in an indoor pool as I am unable to outside in the heat for too long.
Having the terrible burning pain, not only in my hands and feet but full body, has changed who I am and what I do. Making plans too far into the future is hard as I never know how I will feel.
I used to love spending time outside in the summer. During the winter I loved to ice skate but am no longer able to do this.
My husband Ron and I have been married 34 years and we have a farm in Northeast Nebraska. We raise cattle, hogs, corn, soybeans and alfalfa. I’m grateful my husband is a very hard working, loving and considerate person. He has helped me tremendously in dealing with EM. Our son Nathan is a firefighter/paramedic in Norfolk, Nebraska. Our daughter Katie is married and lives in Omaha, Nebraska where she works as director of marketing and public relations for Opera Omaha. We are so blessed that our children love their jobs and are successful in what they do.
I have a Master’s degree in Nutrition from University of Nebraska at Lincoln and have worked part time as a dietitian. With this EM, I now focus on things I can do, such as; visiting and calling friends and reaching out to others in need.

(Danni is a TEA volunteer and in charge of mailing the bookmarks.)