Jules Hunter

I am 42 years old and was diagnosed with EM in September by a rheumatologist here in  Noosa, Queensland, Australia, which is one of the warmest states in “OZ”. However, I would not live anywhere else but this special part of the world. I also have multiple sclerosis.

The burning started in my feet about four years ago.  Exercise, walking, heat, and hot showers bring on the burning, throbbing, pain. This also occurs at night when resting, even without a sheet or blanket. I use A/C, a fan, and elevate my feet for relief and only wear open-topped sandals. I also have flares in my knees and on patches of my face and ear.
In high school, I played many sports and was on a music scholarship. I now know why I had burning pain, numbness, paralysis, vertigo, immense fatigue and frustration when unable to achieve my goals. I pushed myself more, thinking it would help. I’m no longer able to work, but I earned my diploma in Financial Planning two years ago.

I am able to cope with the MS as I know I can keep symptoms under control with diet, rest, exercise and limiting stress. I cannot control EM as easily. The pain and burning interrupts my love of walking and the lack of sleep is cruel. I’m sure many of you can relate.  I was told I was given MS and EM as “gifts” because I can cope, with my positive attitude and love of life, which is so true.

When I meet people, the common response is “Oh, but you look so good you would never know.” My Mum always taught me “if you look good (which I always try to do), you feel good”.  I love my life and wake each day in anticipation of what it will bring. Simple things like having coffee with my beautiful Mum and walks along the beach make me so happy. The support I have from my parents and close friends encourages me to achieve my goals.

I am so impressed with TEA, the staff, doctors and incredible range of articles available. My doctors and pharmacist refer to these constantly.

TEA was saddened to learn that Jules took her own life in 2016 after both her MS and EM had deteriorated. She is survived by her parents, Simon and Sue Wischer. Read article.