Martha Davis

I wanted to share my experience because, after reading so many accounts of others, I feel so blessed. I was in my 60s before really paying attention to the weird symptoms I was having—intense burning of my face, one ear, and /or my hands. I passed it off as hormones, but at age 70, I began to have terrible itching in my feet, primarily at night. I was not sleeping and saw my primary physician for help. He tried several medications but finally sent me to various specialists, but got no help. On the advice of a cousin, I went to Arthritis Centers of Dallas and saw Dr. Christopher Tehlirian. After blood work and urinalysis, and bringing in other doctors to look at my red, swollen feet, he diagnosed EM. Because of some protein in my urine, he sent me to the Oncology Department at Baylor Hospital for more testing. Baylor ruled out lymphoma, so EM was the primary diagnosis. Next I had a biopsy of my foot, which showed clusters of white cells. Previously, Dr. Tehlirian had told me to take one aspirin at night and also put me on gabapentin. I had some relief, but not much. He then added magnesium citrate. This really helped. I was still having episodes so Dapsone was added to my regimen. I have been sleeping all night since taking two a day. The fact that I went to Dallas was answered prayer—nothing else! Dr Tehlirian (a Johns Hopkins grad) told me he liked a “challenge.” This strange ailment is not in his field, but I will be forever grateful for his persistence and determination. I hope this information helps someone.