Patricia Michaux

I hope I can help others by sharing my story. I have had EM in my feet for ten years, when I walk after about 1 km (approximately 2/3 of a mile). My husband and I recently stayed in Lisbon, Portugal. To see more of the city, we walked a lot and my feet really suffered. When I returned to Paris, I went back to the doctor who diagnosed my illness earlier.
He performed a Doppler test and the result was that the Doppler remained silent when on my feet. When he put it on my hands, it made a normal buzzing sound.  It looked as if there was no blood circulation in my feet and that they were dead.
He prescribed a daily dose of Tildiem (dilitiazem*) 60 mg, saying it could take a few months to work. After three weeks, I noticed a real improvement. I can walk for a long time without pain. I also noticed that my feet, which had become increasingly rigid, began to be more flexible and my ankles less painful during rotation. I’ve been taking this for over two months and now walk as much as I want. Tildiem has changed my life.