Le, Jackie

Jackie joined the TEA Board of Directors in 2016.  She was born with EM, but diagnosed in 2008 at the Mayo Clinic.  This diagnosis came as a relief, because for many years her red hands and feet baffled doctors.  Jackie has tried everything from homeopathic medicine to an array of pain medications, with no relief.  She eventually found that the best treatment was healthy eating, meditation and knowing your triggers.  As her EM has worsened. she is using her wheelchair more, but believes the best medicine is a positive attitude.

Currently, Jackie is working on her Master’s degree in health administration and hopes to go on to a job in healthcare leadership.  She is passionate about helping others, serves in many leadership roles and founded ‘Access’ an on campus disability awareness group.  She hopes to use her experiences to further TEA’s mission of education, awareness and research.  When her EM allows, she enjoys baking and spending time with her dog, Odin, and her fiancé, Juan.