Mosarski, Deborah

Deborah Mosarski has been a board member since 2003 and lives in South Carolina. She developed EM in 1994 and can no longer work as flight attendant which she did for twelve years. Activities she enjoyed before EM were running, traveling, painting and ballroom dancing. Her EM is severe and affects her feet, hands, and face. She is married but has no children due to her illness.

Deborah has been involved in medical Internet support groups and has researched EM and her symptoms for years. She feels that the best way to help oneself and others with this illness is through education. She has found few physicians are well-informed about EM and believes that a physician’s knowledge is the first step towards advancements in research and awareness about this debilitating condition. Her hope is that with research progress can be made that will help identify, treat and possibly even prevent or heal EM.